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    We deliver training to give you the knowledge, skills and understanding that will help you and others experiencing a mental health problem

    A First Aid approach to Mental Health

    We deliver training to give you the knowledge, skills and understanding that will help you and others experiencing a mental health problem.

    What is MHFA?

    MHFA is an internationally recognised and accredited training course delivered by our team of fully qualified MHFA Instructors. The aim is to give you the knowledge, skills and understanding to identify symptoms and support yourself and others experiencing mental health problems.

    Over the two day course you will learn about, discuss and take part in group and individual activities covering:

    • common mental health problems
    • the 5 steps of mental health first aid
    • depression
    • suicide
    • anxiety disorders
    • panic attacks
    • psychotic disorders

    You will learn how to:

    • recognise symptoms of mental health problems
    • provide initial help and support
    • support someone to cope with a crisis situation
    • help prevent someone from hurting themselves and others
    • help prevent a mental health problem getting worse
    • guide a person towards appropriate professional help

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Knowledge of the signs and symptoms of depression, anxiety and psychosis.
    • Knowledge and confidence to support people experiencing mental health problems to seek the right help.
    • Knowledge and confidence to help someone who is feeling suicidal.
    • The importance of understanding your own self care

    Who can attend an MHFA course?

    Everyone can benefit from MHFA training; parents, carers, volunteers and adults (19+). It is particularly beneficial for anyone who has regular contact with the public. For employers, as part of your Health and Wellbeing Portfolio, it will mean you have trained staff to provide active intervention should a mental health issue be identified.

    Watch the promotional video from MHFA below.




    Youth MHFA

    A version of MHFA tailored towards understanding and supporting the mental health needs of young people (age 8 upwards)


    Certificate of Completion

    On completion of the two-day course, you will receive an MHFA manual and certificate of attendance plus the opportunity to become an InterAct MHFA Associate.

    Become an InterAct MHFA Associate and support others

    On completion of the MHFA course we would like you to stay with us to share and use your newly acquired skills to help and support other people, and raise awareness in the community.

    As an InterAct MHFA Associate, you have the freedom to offer as much time and resource as you wish.

    You will:

    • Have the opportunity to attend further training and events
    • Gain further knowledge, experience and skills
    • Connect and meet with other InterAct Associates
    • Become more active in your community
    • Get one-to-one and peer support
    • Shape future opportunities

    MHFA is also offered in an alternate format specifically for schools and colleges. This takes the form of a 1-day workshop.

    To find out more information please call Lesley Bailey on 01245 608307 or email lesley.bailey@interact.org.uk

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