Colchester Suicide Post & Pre-vention Training

Date: Monday, July 11, 2022 at 9:30am - 1:30pm
Duration: 4 hours

This training programme has been devised to support families and individuals affected by suicide, enabling them to deal with the impact of suicide and the subsequent challenges to their own (and family members’) mental health, including increased risk of suicide and/or self-harm, and feelings of isolation/loneliness. 

The workshop is free of charge and offers a comfortable and intimate environment where you can speak and share with others who have experienced similar bereavements.

Each workshop lasts for 4 hours and will have a maximum of 10 people in attendance.

For more details please contact Lesley Bailey on / 07908 616149 / 01245 608307 


Liz Rotheram on / 07872 014070

To book please follow the link.

Location: St Johns Church, St Johns Close, Colchester, CO4 0HP

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