Disability & Special Educational Needs

Resources and training to enable children & young people with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities to be included & look ahead to a positive future, and to help keep them safe.

InterAct has over 20 years of experience supporting children & young people with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities and their families, with a commitment to person-centred approaches, empowerment and inclusion.

We have developed a wide range of training and planning resources - for children & young people, parents & carers, and for those in other organisations. These include: 

Disability Awareness & Inclusion Training:

Interactive training for youth workers and/or volunteers to enable greater inclusion of young people with disabilities/additional needs and autism.
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My Future…  Aspirations workshops:

Video-based workshop and planning resources for children & young people to use (supported by their schools and/or their families), focusing on looking ahead to a positive future
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Safeguarding Children with Disabilities Training:

Practical & interactive training for frontline staff, volunteers and managers
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One Planning

Supporting ‘One Planning’ in Essex

InterAct’s ‘My Future…’  resources have been designed to enable children & young people to find their voice & express their views as they look ahead to the future: in school, college and adult life, and so that they can be more included in their local communities.

These resources also are intended to be used to support & enable effective participation in person-centred ‘One Planning’ in schools, including planning linked to Education, Health & Care Plans.

Find out more about ‘One Planning’ on the Essex Local Offer.

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